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General Questions

Never! We offer a flexible plan where you decide your destiny. You can change or pause whenever you want. Just email us at:, before 11:59 pm Sunday of the prior week so we can alert our butchers and ranchers.

No, skip or cancel whenever you please. Just let us us know 7 days prior to delivery so we can let our ranchers and butchers know.Enter answer here

Simple, email us at:, before 11:59 pm Sunday of the prior week. No questions asked!

Of Course, if you are traveling the world or would simply like to pause for any reason just email us at, before 11:59 pm Sunday of the prior week.


Plaid Cow Society delivers never frozen drug free grass-fed beef, drug free never frozen cage free chicken, and drug free crate free never frozen pork right to your door.

We offer a variety of options to suit your lifestyle.

1. Pick your protein– Choose pork, chicken, and/or beef

2. Pick how many people you want to cook for– choose between 1,2, and 4 people to cook for every week

3. Choose how any meals per week- Choose between 1,2, and 4 meals per week

It is that easy!

Recycle Search

Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC):

OK for curbside recycle or compost

Bio-degradable Air Pillows:

OK for curbside recycle or compost

Gel Ice Pacs: 2-parts, Bag and Gel.

Low Density Polyethylene Bag (#4, LDPE) OK for curbside recycle.Gel mixture (Sodium polyacrylate and Water) OK for waste bin or compost. Non-toxic.

Insulated Liner (IPC): 2-parts. Liner and Foam

Metalized LDPE (#7 mixed plastic). OK for curbside recycling by itselfPolyurethane Foam (Recycle Center Needed) see link above.

Insulation Set (Foam and Metalized LDPE) Need recycle center if not separated

We deliver anywhere in the contiguous United States. Sorry Alaska, sorry Hawaii.

Please reach out to us at

You will receive your first order the next week (Thursday or Friday Delivery) if you order prior to Thursday of the current week at 12pm. If you order after Thursday at 12pm your order will arrive the week after next.


Yes, unlike many grassfed claims that try and trick you we are grassfed and grass finished. This is another way of saying our cattle  have eaten grass their whole life.

So natural with meat means “minimally processed”. This really doesn’t mean much. So the answer is yes, but its more of a marketing term then something that carries actual weight.

Balin Ranch- Klamath Falls, OR

Blue Range Ranch- Saguache, CO

Double BRC Ranch- Fort Jones, CA

Hutchinson Family Organic Ranch-Rose, NE

Leavitt Lake Ranches- Vina, CA

Nuttal Ranch- Vina, CA

Pete’s Valley Cattle- Winters, CA

Talbott Ranch- Lakeview, OR

Wood Ranch- Susanville, CA

A-T Ranch
Belt, MT

Alger Rnch
Stanford, MT

Anderson Cattle
Dunnigan, CA

Aspen Island Ranch
Lavina, MT

Birdtail Ranch
Chinook, MT

Black Hills Organics
Spearfish, SD

Boettcher Organics
Bassett, NE

C5 Organics
Belgrade, MT

Carey Ranch
Alturas, CA

Clear Lake Organics
Fort Benton, MT

Cold Springs Ranch
Bozeman, MT

Defanti Ranch
Greenville, CA

Drew Hill
Klamath Falls, OR

El Morro Valley Ranch
Ramah, NM

Hafenfeld Ranch
Weldon, CA

Hagge Ranch
Alturas, CA

Hicks Valley Ranch
Petaluma, CA

HomeGrown Meats- San Diego, CA

Lankister Livestock Enterprises
Glenrock, WY

Los Banos Creek
Hollister, CA

Los Rios Farms
Davis, CA

LPDB Joint Venture
Tulelake, CA

Luscombe Farms
Tulelake, CA

McAlpine Ranch
Valier, MT

Miess Organic Farm
Dodgeville, WI

Mill Creek
Los Molinos, CA

Moss Ranch LLC
Klamath Falls, OR

Mountain Island Ranch
Glade Park, CO

Nonella Livestock
Klamath Falls, OR

Prairie Grass Ranch
Havre, MT

Rocker 3 Ranchers
Madras, OR

Schlosser & Son
Zamora, CA

Stemple Creek Ranch
Tomales, CA

Sunrise Ranch
Edgemont, SD

Vaquero Organic Beef
King City, CA

Vaquero Organic Beef
King City, CA

VC Cattle Company
Woody, CA

White Thunder Organics
Wood, SD

Yes, all our cows are raised outside in this crazy place called nature. It’s pretty cool and beautiful if you ever visit. None of our cattle are raised in feed lots.

Hey, we respect your opinion and value you as a person with a belief set even if its contrary to our own. Our advice is to focus your efforts on reducing consumption,because if a company were to suddenly agree with you, and shut down to stop selling meat, another company would simply replace them and continue to sell meat since their is a demand. Check out They seem like nice folks even though we disagree on some of the nutrition science. We still love you and respect you even if our opinions differ. Good luck!


Yes, but there is no commitment. You can skip a delivery as long as you give us 7 days notice to do so.

Not at this time. Since our meat is totally fresh and never frozen we don’t keep an inventory of items on the shelf like other folks. So we have to plan our items ahead of time with our ranchers and butchers.

Yes, our meat is shipped out the same day it is butchered. Unlike Grocery corporation meat that is old and goes bad within a day or two of purchase, our meat has a 12 day shelf life from the date it was butchered. Giving you plenty of time for you and your family to enjoy.

Our packaging includes refrigerated technology to keep your meat cool even if you aren’t home when we deliver.

Salt, olive oil, and pepper. We try and keep it simple.


Honest presidents like honest meat.

Due to copyright infringements with Abraham Lincoln vampire slayer, we cannot make any claims that he has in fact killed a vampire. Although he did stab a zombie one time.

After work he likes to play Risk, and get jacked doing crossfit.