Beef & Chicken - 2 Person - 2 Meals

Beef & Chicken - 2 Person - 2 Meals
Our beef and chicken plan is made up of the highest quality cuts of grass-fed, grass-finished beef plus cage-free, drug-free chicken that our butchers can source from family farms. Shipped out to you the same day it is butchered for the freshest meat around. Options range from 3 lbs. - 8 lbs. portions per week depending on your needs with the ability to skip a week whenever you want.* Meals are 6 oz - 1 lb. portions of edible meat.
Chicken and Beef
Serves 2 or 4 Adults
Includes Cooking Instructions

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Some love from our Citizens…

  • When cooking for high end clients who want amazing tasting beef while staying health conscious, I use Plaid Cow Beef. Hands down Plaid Cow Beef is the most flavorful, well marbled grass fed beef I’ve come across.

    Steven Shea, Private Chef Los Angeles Area
  • Plaid Cow Society provides quality cut steaks that are mouth-watering goodness. I’m a crossfit athlete, a MBA student and single working mother of two. Providing healthy meals to my family is imperative and I’m comfortable knowing where my meat comes from. My days of getting screwed by the grocery store are over!

    Whitney Dicarlo
  • I received my Plaid Cow meat and immediately invited my friends for a BBQ. What amazing meat. Juicy, tender and a flavor I have never tasted before. At this price it is the best meat deal around.

    Oren Ohayon
  • My whole family had some BOMBBB Plaid Cow Meat last night. Great quality. Packaging offered some top-notch comic relief as well.

    Chase Whiddon


Will I be Locked into A Contract

Absolutely not, simply log into your account and Cancel. Any deliveries that haven’t reached their cut off time* will be cancelled with no extra charge. It’s so easy, a Canadian can do it.

Can I skip a week or more of deliveries?

Sure, if you are traveling or just don’t have the urge to cook, just log on to your account and Skip a Week.

What if something goes wrong?

Try us risk-free. If we don’t deliver you a fresh box of properly chilled and labeled meat on time, we will simply send you a free box or give you your money back.

To PAUSE or SKIP an order please email us at:, before 11:59 am Saturday of the prior week.